I don't get Pepero, I'm the only one who loses.

By the way, that one is also a subject of study. You broke the expectation that you wouldn't have good feelings like me, and you handed Pepero.

I didn't know about it, but there seems to be a very insidious corner.

But the illusion did not last long. I hate humans, but I can’t give up on that human Pepero, so I’m just sweating

This is because Seo made the situation in two sentences.

"I don't like sweets. If you're okay, would you like to eat..."

The walls of the principal's room are skewed, as the ground goes off.

He stared blankly at him as if he had been shot in the head.

So what is it. I don't like sweets, so look at me and eat instead. Didn't you give me a heart?

Beggar. Then I have to say yes. I'm going to make a wind wave on my innocent virgin's breasts. Giral. Hama

I don't even think of anyone who can give me rice cakes, but I almost had a direct show after drinking from Kim Chik-guk.

I don't know why this is so unfortunate, but I struggled not to notice my face burning. But in my reaction

He intuited that something was wrong, and he made a fool of unusual looks. In class, with a cool voice

As I went down reading the book, I stuttered at the end of the words, stuttering so that I could not think of the same person.

"Hey... I'm not going to have a burden. I don't have that.

Won't you shut up?

I stared at him so that he could see white. Because of the same nature, a colorful kick kicks the Pepero lying in the hands of the guy while flying the perque.

It is not cool to blow it.

But! His feelings of vanity ate his last ego. Suddenly, it's a pity, it's a pity

Disappeared without a trace.

Only the reaction of my friends who see me into the classroom dancing cheatly and exorbitantly dancing in front of my eyes.

Alas, if you don't get that, you only have to touch me. It's not that I'm good, but I just hate it, so I'm going to eat it.

But why do you refuse that? It is a super powerful weapon that can flatten the noses of Soon-young, Young-eun, and Yoon-jeong if they receive it.

Of course, if you know the circumstances, you will laugh and laugh, but how do you know how the people got it?

There was a guy, but I was sure. He's not a great man to walk around with the fact that he gave me Pepero. What i liked

It wasn't just that I hated sweets, but what would it mean to have such great meaning? Being teased by classmates

There is no reason to say such a thing.

I'm sure, but if I don't get Pepero, I'm the only one who loses.

As I first looked at the best of the silver hand reaching out to me, I slowly reached out. The finest hand trembling finely

It looked like it was, but it was because of the tension.

But Pepero never came into my hands. Soon-young, Young-eun, and Yoon-jung are proud to say, "I also got one like you."

Nothing happened.


Only God knows why my hand was trying to reach the best of the silver and the door of the principal's office was opened. Me and the best of the silver

I was astonished as the kids caught up in doing this bad thing. It was not enough to be surprised. But on the subject that is not the principal

The guy who opened the door softly and was more surprised than us.

An almost astonished look.

It was a people who lost their reason in a short time.

The blood of the whole body was concentrated on the face. I threw my hands out to the silver chief. I don't know why, but I have to do it for some reason


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